Signs of Spring

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Here in Beaumont Hospital School we are going to record the signs of Spring that we observe in our local environment. We are also going to keep at eye on the Greenwave website where schools all over the country are recording the signs of Spring in their local environment. We are keeping an eye out for six species of plant/animal. They are Frog Spawn, Primrose, Horse Chestnut, Swallow, Hawthorn, Ash.

Our Spring flowers have started to bloom.

We are learning all about the life cycle of the Frog since the sighting of Frog Spawn is one of the signs of Spring.

Zimraan wrote a little bit about the life cycle of the Frog for us:

He was a tadpole with no legs.

He lives in the pond.

He grows legs and loses his tail.

He eats insects with his tongue.




Cian wrote an Acrostic poem about Spring:

Spring is fun.

Plants grow in spring.

Rain puddles are fun.

In the fields are lambs.

No animals are sleeping.

Grass grows and the cows eat it.

Here is a picture I took of our Frog noticeboard.

As the weather is getting warmer and we are nearing the end of February more and more Spring flowers are spotted growing. Here are a few photos of some Spring Flowers that were spotted near our school.

Some lovely yellow and white Daffodils

What do you think of the purple crocus?

Tá an t-earrach anseo.

Rinne Aidan an pictúir seo.