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Story and Creative Writing

Beaumont Hospital School was established officially in January 2003. It is funded by the Department of Education under the Patronage of the Beaumont Hospital Board.

Description: Listening, speaking, reading and writing are integrated in the process of learning language. There is a close relationship between competence in reading and the ability to express oneself in writing. The curriculum stresses the importance of the process of writing as well as

the product. Adding another layer to the writing process is the production of a dramatic expression of the child’s own work. Following the drafts and re-drafts of a written piece we often extend the process to creating a video of the story, often with fun results. Here are some of the stories written by our students which flew off the page and into the camera. Enjoy.

Adventure in Dingle Jingle2
Lion and Mouse Final
Some one at the door by Keelan
Goldilocks in hospital
Pirate Peter


Description: Here are some of the History Projects our students have been working on. Enjoy the videos.

Interview with the Grand Daughter of Fionán Lynch and 1916
Viking ship construction
History of the Olympic Medals final
St Patrick by Naseh
Ann Frank by Stephen


Description: Science experiments are always fun. Here are some of the explosive scenes in our classroom.


Description: “Art thou troubled? Music will calm thee Art thou weary? Rest shall be thine Music, source of all gladness heals thy sadness” Here in the hospital school we love to explore music of all genres through experience of listening, responding, performance and composition. Some of our sessions even made it to video. Enjoy “On wings of song I’ll bear thee, enchanted realms to see” -Mendelssohn


Description: Sometimes we enjoy reading our stories from our English books and library books. It’s fun to read. Lots of these books are beautifully animated too. It can be fun to add sound effects and music to help capture the story.

The Fox and the rabbit
Harry and Lucky


Description: Comh maith le gach rud eile a mbíonn ar súil againn, úsáidimid teanga agus drámaíocht na gaeilge i rith an lae.

Improvised Drama

Description: We meet drama most frequently in the theatre, on television or in the cinema, and we as s o c i a te it with performance, costumes , setting and stages. Similarly, in school we often associate drama with script, rehearsal, voice production and the display of acting talent. However, it represents only a part of the rich learning and developmental experience that drama has to offer. In our improvisation sessions we try not dwell on the display element of drama but, rather, emphasize the benefits to be gained from the process of exploring life through the creation of plot, theme, fiction and make-believe. Having enjoyed some team building games and drama activities students often, with limited time and props, develop short, original pieces. These are usually one-off, one -scene short “performances”.

Jeff Jefferson


Description: There is a gallery of our art work elsewhere on our site. Sometimes though, we get a chance to do some video footage of the process.


Digital Animation and Stop Motion Videos

Description: Using IT we have found fun and creative ways of making our reading and learning come to life. As an educational tool, stop motion creates big results in learning, while engaging the students in animation and arts.


Christmas 2012

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