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E-Learning Vision

 “Beaumont Hospital School aims to provide e-learning experiences for pupils, where ICT is embedded in the practice of the teachers in order to achieve collaborative, discovery-based, authentic activities, which are accessible, appropriate and engaging for the pupils in a highly developed culture of e-learning”

  • The staff of Beaumont Hospital School strive to embed ICT into all areas of their educational practice.
  • Through collaborative methodologies, ICT will be embedded in all areas of teaching and learning.
  • Students will be facilitated in creating their own digital content to reinforce and complement learning activities.
  • ICT will be made accessible to all students with SEN students facilitated through assistive technology adaptations.
  • Teachers will engage in on-going self-evaluation and reflective practice in progressing the schools e-learning programme.
  • The school will engage with the wider community through continuous updating of the school website.
  • The BOM, through the actions of the principal, has a policy of supporting the professional development in ICT of all staff in Beaumont Hospital School.

Our second level students are engaged in curriculum support packages such as examsupport.ie, y-teach and other online study programmes.

Examples of our many e-learning projects can be viewed in the students’ video gallery, our class polls and many of the educational posts developed by the students. Through collaborative work, themes are explored and researched using ipads, iMac, PC and other technology.  The information is often represented through digital media and posted on our website to share with home-schools, family and friends.