Goldilocks Goes to the Hospital

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Goldilocks Goes to the Hospital

Once upon a time there was a girl called goldilocks. She went for a walk in the woods to see her grandmother who lived in a cottage on her own. “O no I’m lost” said goldilocks. “Will anybody help me get home?” Suddenly she saw a lovely cottage and decided to go inside. “O there is a lovely smell coming from the kitchen. It smells like porridge. My favourite.” She sat down at the table and began to eat the porridge. “mmmmmm” the first bowl was too hot “ouch” The second bowl was too cold “blagh” and the third bowl was just right “mmmm” Goldilocks started to feel unwell, she said “ I forgot that I was allergic to oats. O no I have to go and see a doctor right now. I have to go to Beaumont hospital.”

She cycled from the cottage to Beaumont Hospital. She went into A and E and soon after she met Dr Burke. “Are you well today goldilocks? What is wrong with you, you look a bit sick?” “I forgot that I was allergic to oats and I ate porridge” explained goldilocks. “We will bring you for an x ray to see what is wrong,” replied Dr. Burke. “Brilliant” whispered Goldilocks.

She headed off to the x ray with the Dr. It took about 5 minutes because she got sick on the way. She got back to the ward as soon as the x ray was over. While she was waiting for the dr to come back she made two news friends Michael and Adam. Before long Dr Burke came back with Goldilocks’ results. “We couldn’t find anything but just to be sure I’m going to give you these tablets and you can go home,” explained Dr. Burke.

Goldilocks was very happy to get home to her granny. “whippy” she shouted, “I can’t wait to get home. Bye Michael and Adam. I will see you again. Come visit me any time you like.”

The End

By: Michael and Adam

Michael and Adam also made a short movie of their story. Have a look at it here:

[youtube h5MHNgiNy6c]