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As adults, we depend on “The News” as our primary source for information about the world we live in. Whether it’s the local newspaper, nightly TV newscasts, cable news networks, news radio, or Web sites, graphic footage and accounts of the latest happenings in the world are being delivered right into our homes 24 hours a day.

Creating our Beaumont Newscast in the classroom had many educational benefits, including strengthening skills in research, writing, collaboration and presentation.

During this exercise the students explored how best to impart  important information.

First of all, our students decided which elements of news would be included.

Shane went for a dramatic story of a robbery.

Nicole researched an informative piece about Malala. Jack went for a sport report on a retiring GAA player.

Each student decided how to present their particular piece of news.

Eve was our technical director, who edited video clips, added animated transitions and music to give the broadcast a slick, professional feel.


Some Other news channels that the class looked at included

CNN Student News 

BBC Children’s News


TIME for kids which helped students become good Kid -Reporters