Marmalade lake in Luxemburg, Jeff & His Friend The Penguin and other Improvised Drama

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Here’s some of our improvised drama from our Drama workshop.

What happens when a rock climber falls into a lake of marmalade?’

This is Greg and Lisa-Marie’s improvised story of a marmalade lake in Luxemburg.


During our Drama Workshop Hannah had fun with this story about Jeff.

Hannah’s original script was developed before making her film.

Some of the details of that script include background information on Jeff.[youtube][/youtube]

Name: Jeff Jefferson

Age: 40

Country: Scotland

Jeff lives by himself and has no family. In his pocket, he always carries a beard comb,metal polish for his belt, eye drops, a spare green jumper, hairspray, boot polish,dentures, phone, a lot of keys, and a toothbrush.

The first thing he does every morning is put hairspray in, to get that just-out-of-bed look. Then he combs his beard and polishes his belt.

He is a caretaker- that’s why he has a lot of keys. However, he doesn’t remember where they all go to.

He sees Joe the Penguin most during the day- he accidentally runs into him. He doesn’t like him because he’s a penguin that talks, and that drives him mad. Joe loves him, however.

His dream is to one day find where the keys go.