The life Cycle of a Butterfly

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Lucas and Sophie were studying the amazing life cycle of a butterfly. We had fun making our clay version of this amazing life process.

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Butterflies go through four life stages, and they look very different at each stage…

The female butterfly lays her eggs safely on a leaf.



She tries to find a nice large, healthy plant so that the newly born caterpillars will have lots of fresh leaves  to munch their way through!




Once the baby caterpillar hatches from its egg it begins the primary growth stage of this marvelous insect.




The caterpillar eats lots and lots of leaves so that it grows big and healthy.

Soon the caterpillar is ready to become a butterfly. The caterpillar weaves a chrysalis out of silk which will keep it safe whilst it transforms into a butterfly




When it is ready it will split open the chrysalis and emerge as a fully formed butterfly.




There are many many types of butterflies.Sometimes moths are mistaken for butterflies. You can easily tell the difference if you watch this video.from National Geographic 




The Monarch butterfly is a magnificent butterfly which migrates over 2000 miles from North America to Mexico. This video follows the Monarch on it’s amazing journey.[youtube][/youtube]