Halloween Trick or Treat!!!!!

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Enjoy our Creepy Halloween Stories and Art work…..but BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You could be in for a scare!

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Halloween Trick or Treat

By Emily, 3rd Class

It was a dark spooky, Halloween night. The moon shone brightly in the sky. Roisín and Darragh were going to the Halloween pantomime in the Arts Centre. They were dressed up in halloween costumes. Roisín was dressed up as a mummy and Darragh was dressed up as a vampire.



They arrived at the theatre at 9 o’clock. There was 200 people at the theatre. Everyone was feeling excited, joyful and cheerful.

Roisín’s seat was number 19 and Darragh’s seat was number 20.

Everyone was settling down when BANG !!!!!!!!!!


A big flash of fire smoke burned on to the stage and then it  was all dark.

Suddenly, a light turned on. Then a massive shadow appeared.

People and their children were shocked, anxious and bewildered.

In a ghostly voice the shadow said

“I am Ganmiley the ghost of the arts theatre!!!!

If you try to run away I will come to your house!!!!”

When the children heard this they were terrified.

Ganmiley then said

“I want to take the personalities of everyone in this theatre, then I will be enormous and I will take over the WORLD!!!!!!!”

When they heard this Roisin and Darragh shivered.

“I want my 1st volunteer to give me their personality”  roared the shadow.

A giant arrow appeared on the stage.

“Anyone who doesn’t volunteer to give me a personality will be poked with this giant arrow” he said in his creepy voice.

All the parents and children were now extremely worried and began to blubber their heads off.




Suddenly, the stage filled with white bright fog. The room got cold.


Out of the fog an alien appeared.



He said,

“My name is Cocoinous from the planet Lynag.

I have come to tell you this was all a joke.

There is no such thing as Ganmiley.

There is no ghost.

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween show!!!”


Everyone was relieved.

The actors came on stage and bowed. All the audience gave them  magnificent claps and cheers.

It was the best Halloween show that Darragh and Roisín had ever seen.

The End

By Emily


The pumpkin Patch in our classroom if filling up with  lots of pretty pumpkins made from clay.








We even carved a real pumpkin to add to our pumpkin patch! A VERY messy job.






Bhí Leigh ag obair go crua ag déanamh na pictúirí seo. D’úsáid sé lino chun pictúir den “Joker” a phriontáil.