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Send assignments to Hospital school

Using the Teacher’s Facility – Sending Assignments

Beaumont Hospital School is situated on the Paediatric Ward, St Raphael’s, in Beaumont Hospital.

The school carries a broad range of educational materials from Primary through to Second level.

In Math and Literacy the most commonly used titles and textbooks are availble to the students.[E.g. Mathemagic series, Action Maths (Primary level). Text & Tests 1-5, New Concise Maths 1-5, Discovering Maths (Second Level)]

Our aim is to ensure continuity in education for hospitalized children.

The school endeavours to engage pupils through provision of stimulating, appropriate and active learning experiences.

On returning to their home school following hospitalization children may feel isolated from their peers. There can sense that the class “moved on” without them.

In order to bridge that gap, hospital education aims to, as much as possible, keep pupils up to date and in regular contact with their own school class.

If a student is admitted to Beaumont Hospital the Home School Teacher can simply register with the site and when log-in details are received use the facility below to send up dates, assignments and work directly to the school staff here. In doing so, it provides meaningful goals for the pupil and enhances confidence that they have not missed out while away.

For the teachers back home it also reduces the “catching up” which is necessary following a long absence.

In order to use the facility, please register your details with the site and use the form below to submit details of the programmes currently being used in your class.

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