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What to expect

For many, it’s a surprise to find a school in the hospital, but very quickly parents and children enjoy the routine, familiarity and predictability provided in a school based setting. For a little while children can imagine themselves away from the hospital environment and immersed  in  the busy school day.


  • If you know your child is going to attend the hospital in advance, it is a good idea to bring their school bag. If you don’t have the schoolbag, don’t worry, we have most of the textbook that are used through out the primary and secondary curriculum
  • Ask your home-class teacher for a list of content to be covered over the coming weeks and our teachers will implement their plan.

When you get here:

  • Call in and say hello to the teachers. Have a browse in our classroom
  • A chat with parents is always good to establish likes and dislikes and plan a path for the coming days.
  • If you have a schoolbag or school work from home the teachers will discuss a plan based on this work.
  • Even if you’re stay will be short, our Drama, I.T. and English programmes are usually fun and children enjoy the group work which is on-going.
  • Once your child is settled in the school room, many parent use the time to have those chats with medical teams, nurses and doctors, while their child is engaged in school
  • Take a break. Being in hospital with your sick child is a stressful time for anyone. While children are busy in school, parents have a little breathing space and time to have some lunch.