Ciara, the Camogie Star.

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Chloe has written a story about Ciara, The Camogie Star. We also had fun designing, drawing and acting in the movie version of her tale.

Enjoy her animated video here:



Ciara, the Camogie Star

Once there was a girl called Ciara. She loved camogie. The only problem was everyone in her family hated it. Ciara’s Mum tried to make Ciara quit but Ciara refused to. Ciara had a big match coming up; she was in the championship. Ciara was really nervous that she would mess up. A couple of days before her match, Ciara’s family said “we won’t be able to go to your match because we have a trip planned”.

Ciara was sad and mad that her family couldn’t go to her match, so she did what all girls do; talk and complain on their phones to their friends. Two weeks before the match, Ciara’s family left on their trip.

It was finally match day. That morning Ciara got up at 6 o’ clock and went to the gym. When she came home she had her breakfast. Ciara had a bowl of porridge with berries on top. She finally left for the match. All the players went on a bus. On the bus everyone was really excited but Ciara wasn’t. She was sad that her family weren’t going to be there.

When the players got there and came out of the dressing room and onto the field, guess who Ciara saw? ; Her whole family. Ciara gleamed and she played the best she ever played before. To make it even better, Cork won the championship.

After the match Ciara and her whole family went out for lunch. After watching Ciara’s match, Ciara’s family got into hurling and camogie. Every weekend they met up at the pitch and had a huge match. But everyone wanted to be on Ciara’s team because they always won.

By Chloe, Age 8