The Race- By Anna

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The Race


There once was a girl called Emily. She lived with her mother. When Emily was only 3 her mother and father separated. Emily doesn’t know much about her father though. One thing people loved about Emily was she was always very cheerful. You see her mother worked as a hairdresser but only earned 8.90c a week so thats why Emily was very


Emily went to a small country school and one day her teacher, Mrs. Barnes, told the class that they were going to have a cross country race day. The top 3 winners of this race will go on to Conna for the regional race.girl-running-race-clipart-runners-9437509

Emily was very good at running, even better than a lot of boys in her class. Emily ran home and told her mother everything. Her mother was very proud of her. That night when Emily went to sleep she could not wait for the next day. Finally, the day came. Emily got up at 6.00am. So, she packed her bag and went to school. When she got there, Mrs. Barnes told her to go to her group. Emily was ready to win this race.


“Think positive!” she told herself. She was feeling energetic and excited.

All the class were determined to win this race. It was quite a nervous atmosphere.

“Alright everyone! Let’s all enjoy this day. It doesn’t really matter what place you finish , just once you have fun” announced Mrs. Barnes.

Emily was nervous and excited.

All of the group was lined up.  Mrs Barnes had a a black and white  chequered flag. She raised the flag and said “GO!!!!!!!!!”

Everyone started running across the field. The race was slow in places near the back and some were going very fast up the front, like Emily.

Emily could feel Michelle gaining on her. She could feel her heart beating really fast. Her mouth was really dry. She felt her eyes were popping out of her head. She could hear the footsteps, quickening behind her.

MIchelle ran past her. She turned toward Emily and pulled a face. “See ya sucker!” she sneered.

Emily was a positive person and didn’t really like that kind of behaviour. Her legs were working really fast. She could see the finish line. Michelle tried to swerve in to Emily’s path, but Emily saw it in time. She side-stepped and then jumped towards the finish line in 1st

YES she won first place. The race took all day so everyone went home. Emily could not wait to tell her mother. When she got home her mother was not there. She left a note on the counter




“Hi hon, I will be late from work. Pizza in the fridge”

Emily’s face fell from a smile to a frown, so she got the pizza from the fridge and put it in the oven.

1 week later and it was time for the regional race. Emily was very exited. She ran to school and Mrs. Barnes told her to go on the bus. She sat next to Jane a good friend of hers.The bus ride was shaky and bumpy but Emily did not mind. When they got to Conna. She saw lots of different schools. When Emily went into the field she saw a large man in black and white clothes. He had a flag the one that you see in race cars races (black and white chequered). They all went to line up and the large man waved the flag up and down and that was a sign to go.

When they all went off Emily saw Jane slipped on the muc. Emily looked back and forward and then ran to Jane and helped her up. Jane said “thank you, Emily”. Then both friends ran together even though they did not get first they loved all of it.







By Anna 4th Class