Commemorating 1916

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On Proclamation day we really wanted to honour our Patriots by celebrating Irish freedom through art, music, design and film.

padraig pearse

Padraig Pearse was drawn by Jenna, aged 7 who thought he was a very brave man.

padraig pearse superhero

Tadgh considers Padraig Pearse to be a modern day super hero! He also drew pictures of both Countess Markievitz and Joseph Mary Plunkett on top of the R.C.S.I. building.

joseph mary plunkett

countess markievitz

Mia did a celebration of Cumman Na Mban and the work they did during the Rising. We admire her eye and her brushstroke very much.

cumman na mban

Mia also contributed a picture of tenement life which featured on the front of our 1916 exhibition.

exhib opening

countess markievitz stampCountess Markievitz (above) also contributed by Mia (3rd Year) featured in our stamp study of the patriots.


We at Beaumont Hospital and Beaumont Hospital School really wanted to celebrate the role of the rebellious women of 1916 who inspire us to this day.

exhibition guides

Our exhibition looked at the work of the Gaelic Cultural revivalists, the role of the seven signatories, the role of Cumman na Mban.

gallery guide 2

The children’s art featured heavily in the exhibition and we admire their vibrant colour and free style!

kilmainham jail

Ciara contributed her very special interpretation of Kilmainham jail.



The flag being raised on Proclamation day.


Paul, our chef here at the hospital played a vital role by performing music for the crowds during the ceremony.


Here we have Captain Eoghan O’Sullivan hoisting the National Flag at 12pm on Proclamation day. Eoghan is from the 7th Battalion reserve in Óglaigh Na hEireann. He is also our neuro bed manager.


Muinteoir Orla ag canagh ‘Mna Na hEireann’ in honour of Cumman na mban


Our interpretation of the signatories as ‘wild geese’, representing the flight of the Earls and the history of birds of freedom in the old laments of Ireland.




Some of the lovely children who helped us with the flag and handing out of our exhibition guides.


Celebrations with Captain Eoghan O’Sullivan and Muinteiorí Avril agus Orla

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