1916 Case Study-Fionán Lynch

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As part of the research for 2016 commemorations, the children in the school had an opportunity to delve into the life of one of the heroes of 1916. Fionán Lynch was an active member of the Irish Volunteers. A close friend of Michael Collins and Thomas Ashe, he was instrumental in the negotiation of the treaty in 1921. He was the first minister for Education in the First Dáil and later  served as a District Court Judge.


Barbara, who works here in the hospital, came to the school and answered the pupil’s questions on her Grandfather’s life and his involvement in the 1916 Uprising.

Barbara shared some photos from his own collection which include Fionán in London during the treaty negotiations in 1921.

[slideshare id=59628840&doc=powerpointblynchpictures-160316115148]