1916 Uprising – Flags for schools initiative

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army visit 4

We had a very exciting day yesterday when the army came to visit! They delivered our national flag to us as part of the 1916 commemorations. It was very important to us to receive this special visit from the army and to take time to think about the rebellion of 1916.

army visit 9

The lieutenant read out our proclamation and one of our brave students spoke some of the words that Padraig Pearse read out on the 24th April 1916.

army visit 1

We were thrilled that the army officers took the time to meet all of our students and we were very proud to receive our national flag.

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Thomas J Clarkejames Conolly

joseph Plunkettpadraig pearsethomas Ceanntsean MacDiarmadaThomas Mac Donagh

We remember the seven signatories who signed the Proclamation of independence for Ireland.

We looked at some of the sites that were active during the rebellion.

sites 1sites 2

The staff had a great time too!

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We had worked on a display that shows all of the sites of the rebellion. We cut out birds from our proclamation to symbolise freedom in Ireland.

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We’ve also been examine tenement life in Dublin at the time and seeing how bad life was for native Dubliners. It is clear that something had to change for the people and this helps us to understand why so many decided to rebel.

tenement 2

tenement 7

Details of the Rising day by day





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We have decided that as part of Proclamation Day, we will be inviting the staff to tell us any stories they may have that relate to the Rising. Our intrepid journalists will also be interviewing people and photographing important memorabilia!! If past pupils would like to send in their own stories, we’d be delighted to hear from you all!

proclamation letter