World books – Books we read in school!

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We have been looking at the books that we read in school here at the school and how they can show us a picture of life all over the world.


Ms Maya Angelou was an inspiring lady who always strove for equal rights for both Women and African Americans.

She was a poet and writer who wrote on many controversial issues such as slavery. We study her in 2nd year. Her wonderful poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ is a very inspiring poem for girls.



It is important to us that we examine ART as PART of our English studies. We found this old stamp of Shakespeare and one of our talented artists did a lovely copy of it. We think it’s pretty Shakes-tastic!!!

king lear



The BFG is one of our favourite books and we looked at themes of loneliness and friendship in great detail.

boy in the stripped paj

We looked at this book in relation to the Nazi Regime and the sad history of that time.

We wrote short stories on the camps and tried to imaging what living in a camp would have been like.

timeline 1
We did a big timeline of some of the major books of all time from Shakespeare to Harry Potter!






We examined ‘To Kill a mockingbird’ which looks at complex issues such as class, gender and race in the Southern States in the 1930’s.



Keep reading kids!!