Reports from our Bladonia Team.

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Here in Beaumont, sometimes one student can start a project but go home before they see it finished. Luckily, we have new students who are happy to help get the project over the the line.

Here is one such project. Enjoy the writing of Claudia and Joshua, the art work of Mia, Stephen and Joanne who all helped bring this magical place to life.


Eluvia Ef Cad Reports from Bladonia 2015


Hi my name is Eluvia Ef Cad and I work with News 101,a popular news channel. I live in America with my Auntie Nula and Uncle John. Anyway it is 5/05/15 today and I am getting ready for work. I work as a news reporter for News 101, News 101 is located at the edge of the city in an enormous building. News 101 stories are always up to date, breaking the most exciting news from global sources.

I always wanted to be a reporter and hope to be promoted to head news editor, I’m just waiting for that one big story.

Now back to the story, I said goodbye to my Aunt and went to work.

IMG_2686As I came into building the studio was buzzing. A story was just breaking about a German botanist, Kranz Feg Idle, made a new discovery off the coast of Australia. He was searching for a rare plant called Antra Lerp, when he discovered a new Island that he named Bladonia. I felt extremely excited by this news. This was my big shot at promotion. So I go up to my boss, Ben, he’s very excited about the story as well. He’s going to have a meeting to decide which reporter is going to travel to this new island.

The meeting took over an hour, I was nervous and eager to find out if I got the assignment. Ben finally made the decision and decided that I was the person  for the task.

First I had to assemble my team. I picked my camera person- Cressida Flash, Sound engineer- Bob Leahy. We packed all our equipment and were ready to go in a couple of hours.

But Ben’s delay to make his decision cost us dearly. Flights to Australia had booked up really quickly as the news of this island had begun to spread. The only aircraft available to us was a small, filthy, short little bi-plane with two very unsafe looking propellers. I felt very disturbed looking at it. But it was all we had. We took a very long, very bumpy, very uncomfortable, very anxious, very loud, very wild, very dangerous, very nervous, very bouncy, very shaky, very frightening flight and after 21 hours, we were 100 km from the Australian coast. Suddenly, the plane started to decend slowly. The pilot couldn’t really control it. The instruments wouldn’t work. The bags and equipment went all over the place. My bag full of clothes fell and knocked off my head. I was unconscious. Next thing I knew we had actually landed in Bladonia.

My head was really sore and I had cuts and bruises all over myself. I checked if everyone was ok. Cressida broke her leg, so Bob and I had to carry her. Blandonia is a very beautiful place but I couldn’t look at it properly because we needed to find help for Cressida.

We reached the crystal cliffs and they were magnificent. It was early in the morning and the sun was just rising. Bob thought he saw a village, so we were aiming to go there to see if they would help us. To get to the village we had climb down the crystal cliffs and that was very hard because we had to carry Cressida all the way down. When we reached the bottom of the cliff there were some odd looking plants, I opened my rucksack and took out the book about Bladonia that Kranz Feg Idle wrote by himself. He called it the Daydump plant. The Daydump plant was a magical plant and it had pink polka dots on its leaves and it could heal any kind of injury! I was thrilled and walked over to one of the plants. It wrapped its leaves around my arms and legs gently, and all my cuts and bruises! We carried Cressida over to one of the plants and in a brief moment she could walk again! We left the Daydump plants and set off to explore some more.

IMG_2638We reached a field but there was no animals in it. Whatever was in it, it escaped because there was a hole in the side of the field. While we were walking I heard a strange noise from the other side of the field. A gigantic, green and ugly ant was charging towards us!

I screamed, RUUUUNNNNNN!!!

We ran as fast as we could but the ant monster thing was faster than us. I was about to be eaten but all of a sudden a purple dwarf grabbed me and my crew and took us out of the field. The dwarf took us to his village. It was a tiny village filled with more purple dwarves. They called themselves the Tolk people and their village was called Valp. The Tolk loved new guests and the showed us their queen. Their queen was the queen of Bladonia. The queen was purple but wasn’t as small as the Tolk people. We thanked the Tolk who saved us. His name was Bucky and he invited us to his house and threw a party for us. The Tolk people wear very funny clothes. T hey wear a hat with a little booble at the end, a t-shirt, a sleeveless jacket and pointy shoes. We stayed overnight and left late in the afternoon

The Tolk said for the rest of our journey we could take their giant Ballumps to ride on. Ballumps are big, gentle animals who have multi-coloured ears and blue bodies and they kind of look like elephants.

IMG_2647We thanked the Tolk and set off to the slimey green waterfall. When we reached the waterfall there was a bridge. We tried to cross over it but a big slimey troll jumped out from over the bridge.

He said, “I am the keeper of the of the bridge who dares to try and cross my bridge!!!!

Bob answered, “Bob ,Eluvia and Cressida….sir.”

IMG_2688The troll was very ugly and he looked very cross. I was very frightened of the troll but Bob was very brave. He told the troll that we needed to get home because we did not live here. The troll said he would let us pass if we gave him one of our Ballumps because he was very hungry and Ballumps are very tasty. I refused because the Ballumps didn’t deserve to be eaten and the Tolk were very kind to give us the Ballumps to ride on.The troll was furious and chased to the other side of the bridge but soon he got tired and stopped ,we rode away laughing.We reached a big patch of mushrooms ,on the top of the mushrooms had  slimey red stuff on top of them.I opened my book about Bladonia and announced that the mushrooms were called the Splathead, dripping mushrooms. They can read people’s minds and give them what they desire.






The Splat head mushrooms tried to read our minds we tried to get away from them. We thought we had escaped without them reading our minds, but, when we got around the corner the mushrooms had a helicopter waiting for us to fly us back home. (They obviously did read our minds and knew that all we really wanted was to get back)

Once back in the city, the story I wrote sold thousands of copies in print and the movie that followed meant my name was on everyone’s lips as a top reporter.

Very soon Eluvia Ef Cad gets the top job and becomes the very brilliant Chief News Editor at News 101.


The End