Beaumont Rap!!! (Music Workshop October 2014)

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Click on the Arrow to hear our Original Beaumont Rap Song

You can even rap/sing along with it.

Beaumont Hospital No.1 You’re  the best

The nurses don’t care if they eat or rest

They make sure the patients are healthy and well

They even have a school where the teachers are swell

We all got somewhere we want to be

So Beaumont Hospital let us free

Even though it’s not so bad,

This place is driving me mad

They pinched with a needle and operated on my head

But if they didn’t I could be dead



Today Kenn from CraFtZone joined us in class. As we all  know music has tremendous positive effects on students development, learning and well being. During the session Kenn guided our students through the process of how to write a song, using lyric writing as a tool to explore community, being in hospital, being in hospital school and sense of belonging.

The Set-up

Ken brought lots of electronic gear including, mics, guitars, mac laptops to record loops, tracks, vocals.

Writing the song

Together the group enjoyed developing their ideas and writing their very original song about Beaumont Hospital. It even included a rap. Lots of fun was had. Everyone worked really well together to give us this great tune. We hope you enjoy.


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