More Fan Mail by Jamie, 2nd Year

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Dear Louis Harry Niall Liam and Zayn,


I’m Jamie (15) your biggest fan in the world. I am in Beaumont hospital having surgery after dinner today but I was in the hospital school this morning . My teacher and I did the one direction maths song and we got the right answer and had great fun trying. Natasha who is one of the staff here has just sang “you don’t know your beautiful” to me while I am doing this email. Myself and herself just wanted to let ye know there is a helicopter landing plan here if ye would like to come and see 2 beautiful ladies ( me and Natasha) on St Raphael’s Children’s Ward, Beaumont Hospital in Dublin.



I’ve a few questions for you:

Who is the maths person of the group?

Who is the joker of the group?

Who is the tidest of the group?

Who is the messiest?


Would you like to dedicate a song at your next concert to Jamie in hospital in Dublin?


If you want to email us back, here is our email address

Looking forward to hearing from you


Jamie, your biggest fan in the world