A Christmas Day Out

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Last December, Aisling and Kendra were in Dinkin’s Cafe having some tea in Monaghan Shopping Centre, before going Christmas shopping. When an old, old man walked in. He looked a bit like Santa Claus. Aisling just said to herself ‘It’s not Santa Claus, because Santa lives in the North Pole. Plus Santa is a bit fatter {no offense Santa.}’ So when Aisling and Kendra were finished they left Dinkins, and went into Claire’s accessories for some colourful Christmas nail varnish. The old man was there again. He was buying a pair of earrings and a few dozen One Direction headbands. Aisling told her mammy what he bought and the mammy said ‘Why don’t we go and talk to him?’
Aisling said ‘O.k. Let’s go.’ They went to talk to rotund and aged man. They said hello and he replied ‘Ho ho ho ho and what would you like for Christmas young lady?’ Aisling was quite shocked at first, as she thought it actually was Santa Claus.
Later on the mother and daughter were outside walking to their car and they saw the old man again. This time he was outside shaking a bucket trying to get money for a charity. The girls weren’t so sure this was right, so they called the Gards. But the Gards didn’t really seem to care that much even though this robust man had seemed so very suspicious.
After the girls got home next they knew, was a knock on the door. There was this man again, with his hand out, he looked like he was trying to earn money.

Then they looked over onto the green, and they saw it. A big Chair and a carriage attached to the back of it. As well as that there were pressies!!!!! Hundreds of presents!! There were lots and lots of tiny and curious people. There was lots of what looked like horses as well. They had long, big ears on them. One ‘horse’ at the front had a BRIGHT red nose. All these magical creatures were floating, over the ground outside Aisling and Kendra’s house. The girls suddenly saw a haze of magical dust which seemed to be keeping the chair, carriage and horses up in the air. Funnily, one of the horses did their business on the lawn. I can tell you the mum wasn’t impressed about that. The man that they thought was suspicious was in fact, the real Santa Claus.
The End!!!!

Kendra (5th Class)