Art & Philosophy

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Beaumont Hospital School is currently participating in an international project.

Contributions are being gathered from Chile, Belgium, Spain, France and now, Ireland.


From 9 photos (chosen by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a French photographer) describing different aspects of the planet, the hospital schools have worked on the theme:

“The Beauty of the Planet, how to preserve it, its fragility”

They have worked from different points of view: geographic, biological, mathematical or poetic and they have realized artistic paintings or drawings, they have written poems to testify, to make us think about the world.

Here are some of the art works created by our students. Sometimes you will see the photograph from Yann Arthus-Bertrand which inspired the piece.

Watercolour, by Micheál







Layered Piece, by Dylan

By Talah


Here is a contribution form Ferdia (16)

This stop motion animation includes his own musical compostion as he contemplated

How do we know that something is alive?

How do we know that something is alive? Is it necessary to be a part of something bigger or can life exist in a vacuum? Does the determination of an ant colony represent life as a multi-conscious energy or can life be measured solely as an individual experience? Perhaps we know when something is truly alive with a logical list of vital signs designed to clinically address a spiritual problem. Or maybe evidence of life can only be found in community and society, performing a task far too great for an individual. As in all things, the answer lies somewhere between.


[youtube EZ4OovAKsFc]


Hannah, Age 7