Volcano Project

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We are starting a project to learn all about Volcanoes.

We want to find out…..

  1. What is a Volcano?
  2. What causes Volcanoes to erupt?
  3. What is the difference between Lava and Magma?
  4. What are the layers of the Earth called?
  5. How many Volcanoes are there in the world?

Over the course of our project we hope to find answers for all these questions and more!

We decided to explore how a Volcano erupts and made two short videos of our work.

Alex made this video for us.

[youtube bZHCOVZhfC8 bZHCOVZhfC8]

Filip made this video in school.

[youtube mmWxuDHHwo8 mmWxuDHHwo8]

We took lots of photographs while we were making our Volcanoes and while we  were experimenting  with making them EXPLODE!

[youtube uH-2rHsyIgQ uH-2rHsyIgQ]