Fairy Tree Project

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Lily was busy while in hospital and had lots of adventures in some far away magical places. Here is her story Adventures in the land of Dingle Jingle.  Later you will see some of the hard work that went into creating this magical land.

[youtube 7dlVPhrLb3U]

We took photos of all the work the class did to put the Fairy Tree together. Have a look at them here in our Photo Story.

[youtube PsXV9L-TzmQ PsXV9L-TzmQ]

This is one of the stories a student in Beaumont Hospital School wrote:

Fairies of Wonder Land

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Poppy that is me. Her alarm clock was ringing. The first thing I remembered when I woke up was that I was staying at my Aunt Carroll’s tonight. So I packed my unusual bag and she knocked on the door I said hi to her. So we arrived at Aunt Carroll’s brave house and I went upstairs to unpack my unusual bag. Then I went outside to play in her big, colourful garden and I met some fairies that were called Nina and Jourje. They were really sad because their lovely Toadstool was broken. A fat, awful giant broke it but I helped them. I super glued it together again. Mom called to Aunt Carroll’s for a while then she went home. I went to the back cheerful garden and played with the wonderful fairies for a while. But then it started to rain and the fairies said “do not tell anyone about us, this is our little secret.”

The End.

By: Lily Age: 8