Olympics 2012

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Jamie and Libby learnt all about the history behind the Medals at the Olympic Games. Here are some pictures of the posters they made with all the information that they learnt.

They also made a short movie using puppets to tell the story of the history of the medals at the Olympic Games.

[youtube sY-Ev1hMZ4k sY-Ev1hMZ4k]

One of our students was interested in learning about the Football Tournament that is played as part of the Olympic games. We found out that the matches are usually played in a city some distance from the host city i.e. London. We did a bit of research on each of the stadiums and found out some  information on them.

  • Hampden park in Glasgow

The 52,063 capacity venue serves as the national stadium of football in Scotland. The stadium houses the offices of the Scottish Football Association, Scottish Premier League  and Scottish Football League.

  • Millennium stadium in Cardiff Wales

Many different activities take place in the stadium: ruby, dirt bike racing, soccer, concerts, monster trucks, rally driving and cricket. The world’s first indoor cricket match took place here. The stadium hosted its first competitive football international play-off match in November 2003.

  • Old Trafford in Manchester

Its trophy room has all of the major honors that United have won since 1908. Aon and Nike sponsor Manchester  United.

  • St. James’ Park in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The club was formed  in 1892. Newcastle city crest is similar to the club crest.

  • Coventry City in Coventry

The club was founded in 1883 by Wllie Stanley. The club lost its first home game to Tottenham 0-5 1919.

  • Wembley stadium in North-West London

The last time London hosted the Olympic Games was in 1948, when the Games resumed after a 12 year hiatus due to World War 2. Wembley Stadium will host preliminary matches, quarter-finals, semi-final and finals for both the male and female Football Tournament.

This is a photo of our Notice Board which contains information on The Olympics Past and Present.

What do you think of the Olympic Rings that we made?

Here is a photograph of our Word Wall which contains all our topic words about the Olympics.

Lily found out lots of information all about The Olympic Rings:

  1. The Olympic Rings are a symbol for the Olympic Games.
  2. There are five rings in the Olympic symbol which represent Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania which are the five continents.
  3. The colours of the rings are blue, yellow, black, green and red.
  4. Baron Pierre de Coubertin designed the Olympic  Rings.