Rainbow Spinner Experiment

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Libby took part in our Rainbow Spinner Experiment. We investigated how the rainbow colours can be brought together to “produce” white light. In practice it is by spinning the disc quickly that the eye sees all the colours together so the disc appears white.


White cardboard, markers, scissors,pencil,  small electric motor.


First we refreshed our memory of the seven colours of the rainbow and learnt a rhyme to remember them: Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vane.

Then we drew a circle on the white cardboard and divided it into seven sections.

Next Libby coloured in the sections using the seven colours of the rainbow.

Then she cut out the circle of cardboard.

We then put a small hole in the middle of the circle with a pencil.

We tried to get the spinner to produce the white light by twisting it with the pencil but it didn’t work for us. So we decided to use the electric motor to get the spinner to move faster.

It was hard to get a clear picture of the Rainbow Spinner but the experiment was a success and we saw the white light produced by spinning the disk quickly.