Hot Chocolate on the Moon

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Hot Chocolate on the Moon

One day a beautiful old lady called Mary and a grumpy old man called Jim were out walking in the countryside. When all of a sudden they came across a very weird Spaceship. They weren’t too sure what to do or say. But they knew something freaky was happening. Out of the blue an astronaut came out of the Spaceship that they had been looking at. They felt confused and frightened. They didn’t know what to do. They were shaking with fear. The helpful astronaut told them not to worry that he wasn’t going to harm them. He had landed here to bring them on an adventure.

Mary asked the astronaut nicely what his name was. “My name is Joe. I am from Mars. I come in peace. I want to have a picnic with you on the Moon,” he replied happily. Mary and Jim were excited but still a little nervous of going on the spaceship. They hopped into the spaceship and Joe showed them around it. Jim and Mary thought that the inside of the spaceship was magnificent. They were so happy to be there that they almost forgot about their pet dog, Lilly. They only remembered because Joe started to talk about his pet dog back on Mars. He told them that his dog was called Amy and said that Jim and Mary could bring Lilly with them on the trip. Jim and Mary called nicely for Lilly who came running up to them. They all sat down and Joe started up the engines.

It was a long journey to the Moon but an exciting one. They could see the stars out of the window. The stars were sparkling in the sky. Mary and Jim were amazed by the brightness of the stars. When they arrived on the moon they took out their flask of hot chocolate and Joe gave them marshmallows.  They all enjoyed the cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows. It was so nice that they all had extra. After the hot chocolate Joe showed them how the space ship worked. Mary thought it was very complicated but Jim thought it was very cool. In a while they got tired and knew it was time to leave. They hopped back onto the spaceship and took off again. The journey was fun and exciting. It had its ups and downs. It was a fantastic adventure. As they waved goodbye to Jim and his spaceship Mary and Joe knew that they would go back to the Moon one day.

The End

By: Aoife

Aged: 11 years

Aoife made a video of her story using puppets for the characters. Have a look at her first ever movie!

[youtube 8wtH2einv30]