Drama in our School

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Here in Beaumont Hospital School there is always time for drama.

Here are some of the videos we have made recently. Some are funny. More are about history and geography. But most of all we had great fun making them. Everyone participates in the planning, story development, set design, characterization, camera work, soundtrack and editing  of our movies.

We use a digital camera and a Flip-camera for recording our  videos making. For editing we sometimes use Photostory 3 or Window’s Movie maker.

Please enjoy some of our work.

In the magical land of Dingle Jingle …..

[youtube 7dlVPhrLb3U]

While commemorating 100 years since the Titanic disaster we have not only looked at what happened, but also why it happened and what, if anything, could have been done to save more lives on that fateful night. Here  we have an episode of COURTROOMS live where Lawyer Lucy puts Captain JE Smith and other

St Patrick’s Story inspired Naseh to recreate the story of A boy called Patrick and how he became so important to to the Irish people.

[youtube ct5cQBbX950]

On World book day Keelan read a thrilling story.

Here is his video.

[youtube jrKbykYVLrA]

2012 is the Chinese year of the Dragon.

While we were learning about China Éanna and Kailey made this video of the Legend of the 10 Suns

[youtube K83RKi0J8uI]


Here is Adam & Michael’s story of Goldilocks goes to Hospital

[youtube h5MHNgiNy6c]

The Story of Anne Frank

by Stephen

[youtube o6-OHB-n_CI]

Naseh and Ryan enjoyed telling us the story of Hansel and Gretel

[youtube pe-rC0Gfx1k]

3 Gold Coins- By Martha

[youtube 9ojeQfWr4Co]

Panic on Planet Araz by Zara

[youtube _w5dnf1uhxI]

Brandon’s Project on China

[youtube O9PH3q3gwBU]

The Titanic Story

[youtube C4yplxe-NPA]

The Selfish Giant, by Chloe

[youtube IqayB7fAn8A]

An Adventure in Bladonia

[youtube V5K77pMJ9Vc]

The Census Story

[youtube 5OZvtmqejkU]

The story of Taurus by Calum

[youtube pV8Bm4t4xb4]

The Story of the Heron and the Crab

[youtube 4EH-BQNZSyY]

Hansel & Gretel By Conn

[youtube 38rpA5-bzFo]

George’s Elephant Story

[youtube OgWYq4BxJlY]

The Leopard changes his Spots

[youtube JG0oKQ6mNfE]

Planet Leinad- By Daniel

[youtube SGkeDYj_TgQ]

Space Art with John

[youtube VDiuUjvo5yY]

Building Our Lighthouse using Electric Circuits

[youtube QdK3-eonqeo]

Captain Hook saves Sally

[youtube nv1iF2HgkzQ]

The Merman’s Lucky Escape

[youtube aEKhKkJDxd8]

Luke’s Story about Clare Island

[youtube rhMcXgy04Y0]

A Christmas Story

[youtube VLrZJCFAc6Q]