Making an Electric Quiz

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We are following the Discover Primary Science programme here in school. One of the activities is to make an Electric Quiz. Here are some step by step photos of how we made our quiz.

First we rigged up the wires and connected them to the battery and bulb. The wires on the left hand side are joined to their “correct” answer spot on the right hand side. When you join the two parts together you make a complete circuit which lights the bulb.

You have to make sure that the wires form a solid connection with the batteries. To make a complete circut and there can be no breaks.

When you connect one of the wires to the corresponding “correct” answer wire the bulb will light up. If you connect the wire to a different “answer” spot the bulb will not light up.

We decorated our quiz background.

Here is our finished quiz. We decided to see if people could match the town on the right hand side with the county on the left. Our first try to answer the quiz was unsuccessful. Castlebar is not in Kerry!

More success this time the bulb lit up. Tralee is in Kerry!