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Karl wrote a great Halloween story while he was in Beaumont Hospital School.

Jack and Jill went up the hill

One Halloween, Jack and Jill went up the hill to the haunted house. They went there to trick or treat. On the way up there was a scary carved pumpkin. The brother and sister were getting nervous. Leading up to the house they saw a black cat racing by, and in the window they saw a skeleton. They heard in the distance the wail of a terrified girl.

As they approached the house they could see the dragon like door knocker. As they lifted the head of the dragon it made a creaking noise as if nobody had used it for years. When they released it the silence was shattered by the boom of the knocker.

The door creaked open slowly. As they entered the house cautiously they saw the skeleton swinging from the rafters.

“WHO GOES THERE?” a voice boomed. Jack and Jill shivered in their boots. A dim light appeared at the top of the  stairs. A tall thin figure was silhouetted against the light.

“Hello” Jack and Jill whispered together.

“Oh thank God I haven’t gone mad, “ sighed the figure. As he came down the stairs he diminished in size until finally he reached the bottom of the stairs and he was four feet tall!

“Would you like some sweets?”he asked pleasantly.

Why don’t you have a go writing your own Halloween story now?

We were painting some Halloween inspired paintings here in school. By blending only the primary colours, red, yellow and blue we made some lovely sunset backgrounds.

Then using black sugar paper we made some scary castles, cats, witches, bats, trees and skeletons to add to our pictures.

This is Kerrie’s painting.

This one was done by Sadie.

Aoibhe made the final picture.

Kerrie wrote an Acrostic poem all about Halloween. The first letter of each sentence spells out the word HALLOWEEN.










In the school we are making some Halloween puppets. We have a Witch and a Ghost so far.

Rían wrote another Halloween poem for us all about Skeletons at Halloween.

Scary skeletons eat

Kit Kats

Every year at Halloween

Laughing as they

Trick or treat

Outside every


Spider web under construction by Rían.

Finished spider web!

Rían wrote an interesting recipe. Would you like a slice of his cake?


250Kg of frog eyes

85000Kg of spiders

30 black cat tails

35000Kg of dragon tongues

38900Kg of pig noses


1. Squash everything in a cauldron.

2. Mix it with a monster’s leg.

3. Swish it around 85 times to the right.

4. Stand on your left arm and mix with your right arm.

5. Put it under the floor for a century.

6. Then get it and enjoy the monstrous Frog Eyed Cake.

Michael’s  Spooky Spells.

Here are some spells that Michael from Kilkenny thought might come in handy

Standing Up Spell

Into this pot

to give you a hand

if you needed to stand

Take a tiger’s head

And a lemur’s tail

and mouse’s whisker

And you’ll never fail


Forgetting spell

This spell makes sure you won’t


Handy if you’ve been in trouble

With the teacher

Take a spoon of snail slime

Take a Lemur’s tail

She won’t remember,

Works every time

No spelling test spell

Friday is spelling test

But sometimes I scream

I wish there was a spell, so the test would seem a lot

Easier; so I put a snail and a horse femur and a tail  of lemur

A wing of an eagle,

(I’m sure that’s illegal)

But when Friday arrives,

The test it begins

we all get 10/10

and everyone wins.


The spell to make the world freeze but who ever says it would stay awake.

By Rían

Get a horse’s head

A lion’s tail

A human’s leg

And say the magic words




Aoibhe moulded quick drying air clay into a pumpkin, she used a lolly pop stick to take out some clay to make the eyes and mouth.


We let it dry over night and painted it in class. A very happy looking pumpkin!


Rían and Michael composed some scary music to accompany a Spooky Spell Michael wrote. Listen to it here: Halloween Composition

I took a photo of our Halloween Noticeboard. It displays some of the children’s work for Halloween. Anyone who comes onto St. Raphael’s can admire all the hard work that the children are doing in school.



What do you think of the design on our pumpkin? Do you know what animal it is?

Step 1: Remove all the pumpkin seeds from inside the pumpkin.   

Step 2: Align the template on the pumkin.

Step 3: Trace an outline

Step 4: Cut out the animal. 

Step 5: Finished carved pumpkin.