Solar System Project

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Here is Beaumont Hospital School we are learning all about the Solar System. Everyone adds a little bit to our project.

Ben found out lots of information for our project:


The Sun is a big ball of gases. It is a star. We need the sun to give us light and heat.


Mercury is one of the hottest planets. It takes only 88 days for Mercury to travel around the Sun.


Venus is the second furthest planet away from the Sun. It takes 255 days to travel around the Sun (110 days less than Earth)


The Earth is the planet we live on. It takes 24 hours for the Earth to rotate once on its axis which gives us one day. The Earth is made up of 4 sections Crust, Mantle, Outer Core and the Inner Core.


The moon is Earth’s satellite. It is the brightest thing in the night sky. Apollo 11 was the first rocket to land on the Moon. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were the first people to visit the Moon.

Kerrie  found out information for us on Mars and Jupiter:

Mars is a rocky surface. It is red in colour. A day and Mars is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35seconds. A year on Mars is 687 earth days. Mars is the most earth like planet it is called the red planet because its surface is covered with red rock and dust.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system,a thousand earths can fit into it. A day on Jupiter is about 9.9 hours. A year on Jupiter is about 11.86 earth year. It has at least 28 moons.

Ben and Mathew wrote a LETTER to NASA asking NASA to employ them as their new astronauts:

30 Abbey St


Co Kerry


Dear Mr Smyth,

I am writing to you to try out for your space squad. I am a highly rated explorer. I could go to the moon in Apollo 18. I want to work for you. I am very talented and I can do my job very fast. I am very good at it.


Matthew and Ben

Mathew made a planet Earth in the Night Sky for us. He used paper, marker, watercolour paint and glitter glue for the stars.

Eva was in Cappagh Hospital and she added to our project on the Solar System by finding out some information on Saturn:

Saturn is the second largest planet In Roman mythology Saturn is the god of agriculture Saturn is the root of the English word Saturday. Saturn is most famous for its beautiful rings. They are made up of ice and rock. Saturn has at least 18 moons.

Gary found out some interesting information on two planets for our project, Uranus and Neptune.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun. Named  after Greek God of the sky. Called  an ice giant because interior mainly composed of ice and rock. Wind speeds can reach up to 250 m per second. It also has many moons.

Neptune is the eight planet from the sun. It is named after the Roman God of the Sea. It is 17 times bigger than earth. It was discovered September 23rd 1846. Composition similar to Uranus.

Kerrie did some research on comets, meteorites and asteroids.




Calum wrote a project and made a video all about the zodiac sign Taurus.

Here is the Zodiac symbol for the Bull.

People think it looks like a bull in sky.

This is the stars in the open night sky.

This is Zeus the king of the gods.

Zeus turned himself into a bull to kidnap Europa.

Lots of famous artist painted pictures about the story. This one is by Rembrandt.

This sculpture of Europa is found outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

[youtube pV8Bm4t4xb4]

A story by Zara.

[youtube _w5dnf1uhxI]

Panic on Planet Araz

Once upon a time there was an alien who lived on planet Araz. His name was Neleh. Araz is a greenish-blue coloured planet. Planet Araz has lots of stars. They are very powerful and they give the whole planet its energy.

One day Neleh invited his friend Ymmum the mummy over from planet Tpyge. They did lots together. They flew to the moon in a super rocket. When they got there they explored. They saw  gleaming moon rocks and jumped in moon craters. When they got back to Araz they saw something strange. It had black smoke around it. It was a rocket flying quickly to the ground. It had scary cannons coming out of both sides.

A scary wizard and a grumpy zombie got out of the rocket.

The wizard said he wanted to steal all the stars for himself.

“If I have all the stars then I’ll be the most powerful wizard of all!!!” he said loudly.

“Yes Master, of course, all the stars! snivelled the zombie.

Neleh the alien did not want the stars to disappear.

“Oh he can’t take all the stars….we’ll die without them. Our planet gets its energy from the stars” sobbed Neleh.

As he was sobbing, a pink light shone above him and there appeared a fairy. Her name was Lisa. She was wearing a pinkish, whitish dress, a crown and riding a space-dog.

“There’s a bad wizard on our planet and he’s going to steal all the stars. We need something to stop him”

Lisa handed Nelah a poison to defeat the wizard and zombie.

“Thank you” said Neleh. “what will I do with it?” he asked.

“give it to the wizard. You can trick him by telling him it will make him stronger” she told him and she rode off into the sky and disappeared.

Neleh and Ymmum went to the wizard and told him “instead of stealing our stars, you can take this drink and it will make you stronger than any wizard in the world”

“Ok then” smiled the wizard.

He took a big, long drink from the glass.

He disappeared.

The zombie ran away because his master was gone. He was never seen again.

“Yesssssssssssss! We did it” said Neleh

“Our planet is saved”

The next day the mummy had to go home.

“Goodbye it was fun saving the planet together. I promise i’ll come back someday”

Neleh waved goodbye and headed off to bed. “it’s very tiring saving a whole planet” he said with a tired voice.

By Zara Moore

Spray Can Space-Art

By John!

Have a look at our video 🙂

[youtube VDiuUjvo5yY]